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Mike Sierra-Tango
13 February 2011 @ 01:21 pm
Today's Watchtower lesson refers to the Photo Drama of Creation.

Here are some excerpts from the motion picture portions:

Excerpts from the Photo Drama of Creation from M S Terry on Vimeo.

Mike Sierra-Tango
05 February 2010 @ 12:21 pm
I feel bad, but I was compelled to steal this picture and modify it:

This was all done without permission.

I could be in some trouble.
more, including the original pictureCollapse )
Mike Sierra-Tango

This is such a beautiful song, and beautifully sung by these young ones!
Mike Sierra-Tango
20 October 2009 @ 11:36 am
My insides are swirling. I'm at the Career Center, and Pride Industries are here, recruiting for on-call laborers at $16.00 an hour.

Must be able to lift 75 LBS repeatedly, and work in a cold environment. The job: loading food onto ships. Provisioning ships!

So this sounds really exciting to me... I love big ships. What an adventure it would be.

The problem: It's Navy ships.

So I'm struggling slightly here... would it be okay to load food onto Navy ships? It's not loading munitions or missiles or bombs.

Could I justify this work, just for the adventure?

There's a huge application (I picked one up) because they do a comprehensive background check on you before hiring.

I think I'm doing the right thing by concluding that I, as one endeavouring to be a True Christian who is completely "no part of the world" that I refuse to apply to this job. Because it would be a support role for the Navy.

True, I wouldn't be working directly for the Navy. I'd be working for Pride Industries, a contractor of the Navy.

To satisfy my love of big ships I think I'll just go down to the waterfront and look at the big guys there. Maybe tour the Midway again.

Thanks for letting me vent.
Mike Sierra-Tango
19 October 2009 @ 05:13 pm
So at my old job my e-mail address was something like mike@acme.com (name changed for privacy). What that would do was get forwarded to my gmail account.

And I set up my awesome gmail (for work only, I have another one for personal) so that when a forwarded e-mail like that came in, or even if I originated an e-mail, the receipient would not see it coming from mike.sales@gmail.com, but rather mike@acme.com.

Well, I e-mailed my wife from that account (because the boss is super cool, he let me keep my key to this small company and allows me to come in use the computer) telling her how much we have saved up in our "tax account". (Because we don't have property taxes taken out by mortgage company, we save up and pay ourselves 2wice a year).

Next thing I know, my co-worker is e-mailing me to my personal account saying he'd been CC'd somehow on her response. He jokingly called me "honey".

Turns out that a week ago, in the boss's wisdom, he had the e-mail address mike@acme.com forward any incoming messages to three people: the boss, the production manager, and the remaining sales guy (the co-worker who forwarded me what he'd got). One person that no longer gets forwarded is me at my work gmail account.

Kind of embarassing, everyone saw what my wife replied (something like "thanks sweetheart") but me!

Ah well, makes good sense for the company since the economy not picking up so I won't be returning here anytime soon.
Mike Sierra-Tango
16 September 2009 @ 01:43 pm
My aunt sent me the following JW-spam e-mail. In this case, I don't view it as Spam, since I found the information (about our new songbook as compared to the old one) fascinating!

New Song Book - Differences From Old BookCollapse )

Especially intriguing to me is #183 "Youth’s Place in God’s Arrangement". Well, not really "intriguing", since many songs were eliminated, as explained at the convention, for various reasons. But 183 is a song that always bothered me as I sang it in my youth.

Now before you yank the computer cord out from the wall, let me explain! In fact I wrote a letter to the branch expressing my feelings.

When I sang the lyrics following lyrics using the words "they" and "them", I always thought "Oh this song is written and sung by old people about us!"

They can find good friends among Jehovah's people.
Why should they seek friendship with the wicked world?
Let them get involved with things that are upbuilding,
That on God's own sacred pages lie unfurled.
(italics mine)

So in my letter I suggested they change the lyrics to these:

We can find good friends among Jehovah's people.
Why should we seek friendship with the wicked world?
Let us get involved with things that are upbuilding,
That on God's own sacred pages lie unfurled.
(italics mine)

When the new songbook was announced, I was curious to know if they might have implemented my suggestion! Well, in a way, "yes" since the song has been eliminated.

Looking forward to getting the new songbook and trying some singing!
Mike Sierra-Tango
02 September 2009 @ 10:58 pm
Got out of meeting at KH late... about 10:30pm, and even that late it's very muggy and humid outside. That's unusual for our area... must be the Hurricane coming up to Mexico...
Mike Sierra-Tango
18 August 2009 @ 09:51 pm
Looking for work that's always not too fun.

But at least my unemployment benefit checks have begun to flow.

There was touch and go there for a while since my address was so long that my original Continued Claim Form was returned to the EDD without me receiving it.

Anyway, with prayer and putting Jah first I'm sure that I will find a good job eventually.

Tomorrow I'm going out in field service!
Mike Sierra-Tango
30 July 2009 @ 02:34 am
Pretty flowers in a field, blown by a breeze that touches everyone on the hillside.

Crazy thoughts, but then again, nothing that hasn't been thought again and again since time began.

Especially with humankind.

When was man most intelligent?

At creation, with Adam.

When was he most techologically advanced?

Right now!

So where was the midpoint, the crossing of the lines?

I reckon: during the 1930's.

Just to pick a year: 1937.

Don't ask me why. Just tell me your thoughts.
Mike Sierra-Tango
26 July 2009 @ 03:49 pm